Personal Background

Dr. Andreas Köpke
  • 7 years of post-doctoral academic research at two Max-Planck-Insitututes and at the University of Victoria, Canada
  • 4 years at Janssen, J&J
    • Heading a department responsible for all preclinical licensing and collaborations
    • Part of international team for clinical project licensing
    • Streamlined internal processes and client information by introducing a new project database, reducing time-to-contract significantly
    • Brought new lab technologies to Janssen
  • 5 years at WITA Proteomics
    • Lead a biotech of 15 people as CEO
    • Organized company and set-up world-leading proteomics platform
    • Created seven digit € revenue with services and collaborations
    • Went through investment crises and found acquirer
  • 3 years at Devgen
    • Lead BD Pharma, reported to the CEO and board, was part of IPO
    • Created seven digit € revenue with services and collaborations
    • Lead the company from a service focus to a product focus
    • Negotiated multimillion dollar pharma licensing opportunity
  • 5 years at Galantos Pharma
    • Co-Managing Director, CBO, reported to the board
    • Financing the company for product development
    • Lead the company from idea to clinical product with CSO
    • Negotiated multimillion dollar licensing opportunities
  • since 2003 working as Interim Manager and Consultant, since 2012 on a full time basis: see Consulting Experience
  • Fluent in English and Dutch, German mother tongue, some French and Spanish

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