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We offer expert management support that focuses on biotech and pharma company needs!

No matter if you are a small service organization, or a drug development company, we will provide the best support for your project.

bioExpert is focused on CNS drug discovery support and protein related technologies.

We organize the Neuro4D Conference, June 3-4, 2018 in Mainz, Germany. This meeting is focussed on evolving insights into prion-like disease mechanism or proteopathic neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, new models and preclinical drug discovery including translation to the clinic.

Our experience enables fast and effective solutions, solving business challenges as well as technical issues in the biotech and drug development world. We facilitate partnering and licensing of drug candidates, as well as novel and innovative technologies and services.

Our established network facilitates comprehensive project support in all aspects needed by start-ups and SMEs, including strategic development, IP, business development world wide, legal support and company sale.

We support pharma companies in identifying the best partners and projects for their drug development efforts.

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Strategy Consulting and Financing
for Biotech Startups and SMEs


Focusing and Re-Organization
Improving work flow, Outsourcing,

Interim Management
Strategic Leadership
Business Development
Project Management
  Technology Evaluation and Support
Strong Protein and Molecular Biology Expertise
Drug Development Expertise in many Indications
Technology experience and insights
Business Development Support
In- and Out-Licensing and IP Strategy
Product or Service Definition and Benchmarking
Partnering and M&A