Business Development Support and Licensing

We help you to answer the following important questions:

  • What is the competitive situation of your assets?
  • How, where and when to best present your technology / product?
  • What is the IP situation on your technology / product?
  • How can we identify potential customers / licensees / partners?
  • What price / conditions can you ask?


Business development will largely rely on experience, insights and contacts.
We offer our long-term experience in:

  • hands-on management, self starter, quick learning
  • establishing product and service definition, benchmarking and placement
  • IP checks together with patent attorney network
  • to-do-list for optimized product / service development
  • professional and clear presentations for different audiences
  • long term experience in a variety of international conferences and partnering events
  • network and contact strategies for potential clients
  • reality checks of concepts with potential clients
  • pricing and deal expectations
  • providing a go-to-market plan that works
  • negotiation strategies, effective deal making, term sheets, contract templates, legal support from network
  • follow-up on deal performance for optimization of future deals